About us

Founded in December 2022 by Raf Stassen and Louis Lestang, Biota.lu offers you recognized and specialized expertise in the fields of ecology and biodiversity. We are proud to be accredited by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate, and Sustainable Development for the services we provide, which attests to our competence and reliability.

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About Raf

After 20+ years working in the environmental and development sector, Raf has developed a broad skillset on species conservation, ecosystem restoration and sustainable landscapes, both in Europa and in Latin America. Although he is a generalist, Raf has a particular passion for herpetology, bats, biodiversity in agricultural landscapes and pollinating insects.



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About Louis

Specialized in functional ecology of ecosystems with a Master’s degree in restoration and conservation of aquatic ecosystems; Louis had the pleasure to work at the Administration of Nature and Forests of Luxembourg for 2 years on multiple projects dealing with protected species, invasive species, green infrastructures, and this within the framework of management plans aiming at promoting biodiversity and societal issues. Today, he also works in a Luxembourgish startup specialized in the field of digitization and data analysis as a biologist in charge of projects where forests are in the spotlight.



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Our Network

We like to run the extra mile to ensure the absolute quality of our work. For this, we cooperate with partners and experts from Luxembourg and abroad.